From the high of August’s celebration of the clinic's fifth anniversary and nearly forty thousand surgeries to the devastation of more than three feet of floodwater in the clinic from Hurricane Florence in September, Adopt an Angel is heavily concentrated on the spay/neuter side of our mission. The clinic suffered around $125,000 in damage. 

Many voices are joining in on this huge thank you for your donation: every Adopt an Angel volunteer and friend, every Fix a Friend employee, all the rescue groups and county shelters within two hours that depend on Fix a Friend to spay/neuter their animals, and all dog and cat lovers in Southeast North Carolina. After five years of hard work, the surgeries performed by Fix a Friend were starting to pay off as shelters reported fewer animals euthanized for lack of space or adopters. Thanks to the outpouring of support, we’re determined to make up for time lost while repairs were being made!

Thank you for your help to return Fix a Friend to service and Adopt an Angel to its dream of a future in which no dog or cat is unwanted. WE ARE OFFICIALLY BACK OPEN!