Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your pet. All spay neuter surgeries are performed by a qualified and licensed veterinarian (DVM) and all animals entrusted to Fix a Friend Spay Neuter Clinic are taken care of before and after surgery by trained veterinary technicians. Every patient receives a brief physical exam prior to surgery. Patients who require additional veterinary care may be referred to local veterinary clinics. For the health and safety of your pet, pre-surgery blood work may be required for animals ages 8 and above. We do not spay female dogs over 85 pounds or some flat faced breeds such as English bulldogs. We will discuss each case individually with the pet’s owner prior to the scheduled surgery.

Fix a Friend adheres to the standards for spay/neuter medical care guidelines developed by the Humane Alliance National Spay/Neuter Response Team (NSNRT), a mentoring and training program that helps other organizations learn how to open and operate self-sustaining clinics in their communities.


You can make a spay neuter appointment for your cat or dog by calling 910.253.8161.

doggie on way to clinicAppointments are required for all animals. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept walk-ins, but please feel free to visit our clinic to schedule your appointment. Should you need to cancel your appointment please notify us by phone as soon as possible.

All animals must have a current rabies vaccination given by a veterinarian. If your pet has not been vaccinated against rabies we can provide a rabies vaccination on the day of surgery.  We also offer canine and feline distemper vaccinations at the time of surgery.  You should also choose to have your pet microchipped.  

We accept debit, visa, master card and cash. All payments are due at the time of pickup. We do NOT accept checks or Care credit.



Other services offered at the time of surgery:

Rabies Vaccinations $10

Canine or Feline Distemper Vaccinations $10

Bordetella Vaccinations $10

Microchips $20 (no annual fee)

All animals receive a shot for pain included in their surgery. This medication typically lasts 24 hours. There is an additional $15 charge for take home pain medication.