Fix A Friend Rack Card 1.31.21    

We accept cash and credit cards.  We do not accept CARE credit.   

Feral Cat package: $35 includes: spay/neuter, rabies, distemper shot and ear tip.  A feral cat is a cat that is fearful of humans.  It is unsocialized and must be trapped to be transported because you cannot handle it otherwise.  We strongly support trap/neuter/vaccinate and return programs for the management of feral cats instead of shelters euthanizing them. Our low feral cat package rates hope to encourage this alternative.  

Our clinic does perform spay/neuter surgeries on Bulldogs.  Also, we will spay female dogs over 85 pounds with vet approval and after passing the exam first.  However, spaying female dogs over 85 pounds are subject to the discretion of our vets.  

Dog surgery: $85-105 depending on weight. $1. per pound after 105. Females only to about 105 pounds. Males can be more. Call for approval.
Cat surgery: $55 females, $45 males
Feral cat package: $35 for surgery, rabies and distemper shot, AND ear tip
Vaccines during surgery: $10 each
Vaccines without surgery: $15 each
Cryptorchid surgery: $15-$50 extra per testicle
Hernia repair: $15-$50 depending on size
Nail trims: $5 with surgery, $10 without
FEL/FIV tests: $25 (no ferals)
Heartworm tests: $25 (will not treat for positive tests. Must see regular vet.)
Fecals: $10
Dewormer: general $10, plus tapeworm $15
Exam fees (for minor issues): $20
Paradefense Flea and Tick control: $25 cats and $30 dogs (4 pack), $10 single dose
Heartgard: $55 (only with proof of recent negative heartworm test)
Adult dog wellness exam: $55 (with heartworm test, $75)
Puppy wellness (8-12 weeks): $55
Puppy wellness (3-6onths): $65
Cat wellness exam: $55 (with FEL/FIVtest, $75)
E-collars if requested: $10
Take home pain meds: $15 (they do receive a long-acting pain med shot before they leave, included with surgical price)
 Special Pricing available for rescue groups and animal shelters.  Please call to inquire about rates.